Summer merchandise wholesale clearance at Merkandi

summer products wholesale clearance

Although the winter season approaches, many wholesalers might still have some summer products for sale. Moreover, some of the buyers are also interested in purchasing such goods, especially if the prices are reduced to clear. Because of that, we have a special offer for all wholesalers, who would like to list a wholesale clearance deal … Continued

European Distribution Fraud from a buyer’s perspective


Last two postings about European Distribution Fraud was basically addressed to the distributors and wholesalers, who would like to start a cooperation with major retail chainstores. The first part can be found here, and the second one is here. Today, we would like to write a few words for buyers, who apparently can also become … Continued

European Distribution Fraud – a few more information

Last time, we have informed You about European Distribution Fraud (click here to view this posting). Today, we would like to write a few more words about that. We hope that this will prevent You and Your companies from becoming victims of Europan Distribution Fraud.

European Distribution Fraud – please be careful

Basically, European Distribution Fraud is when You deliver the ordered goods, but do not receive payment. In most cases, the fraudsters are claiming to be buyers from a well-known, major retail chainstore. They will also urge You to deliver the ordered goods as soon as possible. Finally, they will either order the products on credit, … Continued

Guess and Replay wholesale watches for sale

This time, we would like to notify You about a deal on wholesale watches. One of the wholesalers from Merkandi is offering a parcel of Guess and Replay watches, which might be interesting for buyers of jewelry and fashion accessories.

Cindior Paris wholesale clothing stock lot

Today we would like to inform You about a wholesale clothing deal, which is available at Merkandi website. A wholesaler is offering a very large parcel of Cindior Paris clothes, and will happily discuss the deals with all potential buyers.

Improved opinions system at Merkandi

Last time, we have described a feature, which is available for wholesalers at Merkandi. Today, we would like to write a few words about one, which is available for all of our VIP members. If You haven’t noticed it yet, then below You will find a piece of useful information about that.

Information about wholesale – Your company details

Today we would like to write a few words about very important section of seller’s account at Merkandi. As You already know, we made a few major improvements at the website, and added a few options for all of our members, and this one is one of them.