Guess and Replay wholesale watches for sale

This time, we would like to notify You about a deal on wholesale watches. One of the wholesalers from Merkandi is offering a parcel of Guess and Replay watches, which might be interesting for buyers of jewelry and fashion accessories.

guess wholesale wristwatches

The parcel consists of 79 watches total, and includes some different models. The major part of this parcel are two of them: 25 pieces of Replay RX5102AAD and 25 pieces of Guess W0051L1. The complete manifest of available types of watches can be found at our website, and the link to this offer can be found at the bottom of this post.

The wholesaler informs, that all of these wholesale watches are new, and sold in original packages. To complete the deal, a buyer has to purchase all of these items, because there is no option of selling them in smaller lots.

The offer at Merkandi: click here