Have You seen a new version of Merkandi FAQ?

Merkandi FAQ

Few days ago, we have launched a new Merkandi FAQ. We have decided to merge the previous versions of it (one for buyers, and another one for sellers), to make browsing this section easier and more efficient.

Merkandi offers – unit prices or total prices?

Some time ago, we have been asked about one of our users about the prices shown in the offers. His problem was the fact, that the prices ratio varies a lot between the offers of the similar goods.

What does Retour-Ware grade mean?

The last one of the grades used at Merkandi b2b wholesale directory, is named “Retour-Ware”. Although this one might be used for couple of different classes of wholesale merchandise, the common thing for all of them is the fact, that all “retour-ware” graded products have been returned by the customers.

What does C-Ware grade mean?

The next type of merchandise, which can be found at Merkandi b2b wholesale directory, are the C-Ware products. Unlike the A-Ware and B-Ware goods, the C-Ware ones are not working, and that is the basic reason of selling them at discount wholesale prices.

What does B-Ware grade mean?

Unlike the A-Ware goods, the B-Ware grade includes couple of different types of wholesale merchandise. Nevertheless, the common thing for all of them is that they are fully working.

What does A-Ware grade mean?

As You already know, each offer listed at Merkandi includes the information about the grade of merchandise. Some time ago, we have posted a brief explanation of all grades, which can be found at Merkandi. This time, we would like to explain You the meaning of each grade in details, starting from the first one: … Continued

I have some doubts about the supplier at Merkandi

All of the Merkandi users know, that we are verifying all companies, which are listing their offers at the platform’s website. Regardless of this fact, users might have some doubts about the certain supplier, his or her offers or his or her terms and conditions of sales. For such situations, please do not hesitate to … Continued

Do the prices of the stocks include VAT?

One of the most frequent questions of the users, is the matter of prices of the products listed at Merkandi b2b trade platform. The basic problem, is that there is no information whether the prices include VAT or not.