Merkandi offers – unit prices or total prices?

Some time ago, we have been asked about one of our users about the prices shown in the offers. His problem was the fact, that the prices ratio varies a lot between the offers of the similar goods.

wholesale clearance

Basically, it is only a matter of giving a price by the certain wholesaler. Some of the wholesalers at Merkandi are giving the unit price for their goods, while the other prefer to present the total price for the whole lot. In other words – there is no standarization forced by us. After all, You are always contacting the wholesaler in order to buy any products, therefore You can clarify the matter of the price with them.

Secondly, most of the wholesalers refer to the price in the description of the offer. Reading it carefully will, in most cases, clarify the problem of the price (is it a unit price or take all price).

Finally, if You have a problem with determining whether there is a unit price or take all price given, You can assume the most obvious solutions. For example: if the price is 10 EUR, and there are 10.000 items at stock, then it will be the unit price, not the total or take all price.