How to find a product for your warehouse that sells well in retail, part 3/3

Some say that the right merchandise gives you a guarantee of high sales. Maybe, at least it is one of the options. Basically, the merchandise that everyone sells, because there is a high demand for it, is not the best solution. But you have to start with something, so we will check how to find a product for your warehouse that sells well in retail.

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Platforms that study supplies, demand and prices on eBay, Amazon.

I believe that the use of paid analytical reports is the most effective solution. Creating the demand takes huge resources, but it is a good solution for large companies. I assume that we have limited resources, so we are looking for the answer to the question of what is now and may be a sales hit in the coming months.

The answers to these questions can be found on the following pages:

  • E-Bay sales analysis:
  • Amazon sales analysis: (70 million product databases constantly updated)
  • E-Bay sales analysis:

Remember! Don’t guess, base your purchasing decisions on solid research.

Best-selling items on eBay – January 2020, from selected categories.

5 most frequently purchased products – electronics:

ProductNumber of sold pieces
Bluetooth wireless ear plugs 5.0 TWS30517
Lithium-ion battery SONY CR203214740
Bluetooth JBL Link 10 Black Google Assistant7101
Ultra-thin HDMI High Speed 2.0 HDTV Ethernet 4K x2K 3D cable30517
Wireless sport in-ear headphones with magnet 14323

5 most frequently purchased products – fashion:

ProductNumber of sold pieces
Men’s work knickers Combat Cargo124222
Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor Classic All Star Lo OX Hi Sport shoes 24565
Playtex 18-hour Wire free Ultimate Lift True bra12083
Vintage Natural Stone Aquamarine Silver necklace16057
Retro Retro Sunglasses UV40012586

5 most frequently purchased products – Home and Garden:

ProductNumber of sold pieces
Sheets set Egyptian Comfort 1800 Count39782
Wireless Waterproof Led Lamp 5m RGB 505018020
DuroMax XP4850EH Hybrid portable dual-fuel RV generator for camping20208
Chef’s professional knife set1590
Dirt Devil Extreme Cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner, UD200102844

What do the reports contain and what conclusions can be drawn from them?

What information we can obtain from the analysis:

  • searching for products with high demand and low competition
  • emerging purchasing trends with product niches
  • historical data with graphs that show how the products were selling in the past
  • searching for the most profitable products
  • ongoing monitoring of product prices
  • sold products and their prices. Sales rates, number of bids per unit and total sales volume – and a breakdown of prices and deliveries by day, categories and keywords
  • analysis of competitors’ sales

Interesting data from the reports:

  1. Very high and constantly growing demand for physical activity monitoring equipment;
  2. All Apple refurbished products sell at 80.11% in the first 24 hours;
  3. The most competitive category is diamond sales. So if you don’t have a mine in Africa or a grandfather in Israel, stay away from these products;
  4. The category of mobile phone covers in the UK shows over 7 million unsold items, so stay out of it…

Alternative ways to look for well-moving products for your warehouse.

Drop Shipping

Take a look at the following pages of drop shipping companies:

It’s just an example, there are hundreds if not thousands of such companies around the world. Remember that these suppliers have already done a commodities analysis and note that they are also wrong.

Browse keywords – not goods…

Another simple tool supporting the analysis is the search for new popular keywords. A few free tools that can help you determine market trends:

As you can see, there are many opportunities and as usual, consistent daily work brings us closer to success.

I wish you a lot of great deals.

Kind regards,
Dariusz Pańków