Get your Christmas present from Merkandi!

We can officially say, that we have a Christmas season peak currently. The retail and wholesale trade increases the sales, the consumers start to worry about choosing the best christmas presents for their beloved, and the wholesalers are starting preparations to the traditional stock counting at the end of the year. Still, before they will close their warehouses, they will offer many different products for sale at Merkandi, which in most cases will be available to order until the late December.

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Black Friday at Merkandi!

Merkandi has just started preparations to this year’s Black Friday. Although Black Friday is the first day of Christmas shopping season in the USA, the celebration of this day is also observed in many other countries of the world. Most of the sellers prepare special deals and bargains for their customers, and because of that, the number of shoppers is really high. Needless to say, this is the most busy day for retail industry in the USA, since 2005, so this should convince You, that it’s worthwhile to have something special for your buyers.

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More information about offers

Another portion of updates to the Merkandi features. Today, we would like to inform You, that we have added a few fields to the add offer form, to make the offers even more interesting and descriptive.

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Christmas special deal at Merkandi!

December is probably the hottest month for wholesale business. Presents and gifts, decorations and ornamets are the best-selling products of Christmas shopping spree, but to have a wide range of products to sell to Your customers, You should already start searching for this type of merchandise.

Find Christmas products at Merkandi!

The wholesalers at Merkandi are already offering Christmas merchandise for sale. Among the products available to buy, You will find Christmas trees and lights, candles, ornaments, decorations, decorative paper, gift boxes…and many more, including the presents as well. Just have a look at our website, to find these goods: wholesale Christmas products.

Order now, to be fully prepared to the Christmas season!

At this point, You will easily find the products You need, and You will have them delivered on time. Just mind, that the closer the Christmas season is, the more buyers will start ordering products from the wholesalers. The best-selling ones will vanish before You will even have a chance to notice them, and the time needed by the wholesaler to complete the order will be much longer. Also, do not forget that the wholesalers will start closing their facilities at the end of December, to start the annual stocktaking.

Advertise Your Christmas merchandise for free!

To help buyers and sellers at Merkandi, we have decided to advertise Christmas products for free, until the 6th of December 2015. This will make finding these goods much easier, because they will all be placed within the Top Offer advertising box at Merkandi homepage. That is why, we encourage all wholesalers to notify us about their offers of Christmas decorations, to have them advertised totally free of any costs. The easiest way of letting us know about Your Christmas products, is to send us an email message with links to these offers: email Merkandi Customer Service Team now! Just do not wait too long, and list Your Christmas offers right now, to have them advertised from today, until the end date of this special deal!

Merkandi Team will not be available this Wednesday

Merkandi Team would like to inform You, that our office will be closed this Wednesday, 11th November 2015, due to public holiday. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause You, and thank You in advance for Your understanding.

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Winter season starts now!

Although we are in the middle of autumn season currently, the preparation to the winter season has already begun, at least in the wholesale industry. Since the beginning of this month, the wholesalers at Merkandi are listing more offers on winter products, so the choice of these goods is becomes richer every day.

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Have You seen a new version of Merkandi FAQ?

Few days ago, we have launched a new Merkandi FAQ. We have decided to merge the previous versions of it (one for buyers, and another one for sellers), to make browsing this section easier and more efficient.

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