Guess and Replay wholesale watches for sale

This time, we would like to notify You about a deal on wholesale watches. One of the wholesalers from Merkandi is offering a parcel of Guess and Replay watches, which might be interesting for buyers of jewelry and fashion accessories.

Cindior Paris wholesale clothing stock lot

Today we would like to inform You about a wholesale clothing deal, which is available at Merkandi website. A wholesaler is offering a very large parcel of Cindior Paris clothes, and will happily discuss the deals with all potential buyers.

Branded wholesale perfumes from European supplier

There are many different offers of wholesale perfumes at Merkandi website. Today, we would like to write a bit more about one of them, which recently has been listed at the website. If You did not notice it earlier, then here You will find some important information about this wholesale lot of fragrances.

Dolce & Gabbana wholesale clothing clearance sale

Among the designer brands, Dolce & Gabbana is one of the most prestigious ones. Because of that, many of the high street retailers are seriously interested in purchasing stock lots and clearance stocks of these garments, because they do know, that they will have no problems with selling them. That is one of the reasons … Continued

Liquidation stock of hotel products

One of the UK wholesalers of liquidation stock, is currently offering a hotel-related products’ closeout stock for sale. There are over 750.000 items available to buy.

Men’s wholesale jackets of designer brands

Offer of wholesale jackets for men has been listed by one of the Scandinavian wholesalers at Merkandi. This, however, is not a typical deal on wholesale apparel, as none of the brands available within the transaction can be descirbed as a casual one.

Skiing products wholesale clearance

One of the wholesalers from Poland is offering a wholesale clearance deal on skiing and snowboarding products. In other words, buyers get an opportunity to purchase some winter merchandise in summer, for heavily reduced bargain prices.