Auctions, tenders, auctions of goods already on Merkandi!

Our international Merkandi wholesale trading platform has been around for over 10 years. We are constantly developing and we want our clients to be fully satisfied with our services. For this reason, we decided to open a new Merkandi function, namely Merkandi Auctions.

On the platform you will find auctions of goods, machinery and cars from bankruptcies, liquidation, overproduction, returns from the clients of leasing companies, banks, retail chains, producers, bailiffs, customs offices, tax offices, courts and police warehouses.

If you are looking for goods at a bargain price in a particular category or you are trading goods at a competitive price, online auctions are a great solution for you. At Merkandi Auctions you will find auctions for each product category.

Merkandi Auctions is available in 8 languages. You have access to all offers after registration, which is free and for an indefinite period. We verify accounts based on the VAT number and phone number.

All auctions take place online and the warehouse address is given at each auction, which is visible to the registered and verified users of Merkandi Auctions. We operate in 150 different countries. To become a qualified buyer at Merkandi Auctions before bidding, Merkandi requires all buyers to pay a deposit to be eligible to bid at auction. If you do not win the item at auction, the money will remain in the Merkandi deposit as long as you  want to keep the auctioning rights. The buyers may request a refund of the deposit from Merkandi at any time via email.

At Merkandi Auctions you will find two types of items: ‘item not checked’ and ‘item verified by Merkandi Auctions’. The latter means that the item has been verified, i.e. Merkandi has personally inspected the goods, we have checked the purchase documents, verified the origin of the auctioned item, made photo and video documentation.

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