More information about offers


Another portion of updates to the Merkandi features. Today, we would like to inform You, that we have added a few fields to the add offer form, to make the offers even more interesting and descriptive.

Improved opinions system at Merkandi

Last time, we have described a feature, which is available for wholesalers at Merkandi. Today, we would like to write a few words about one, which is available for all of our VIP members. If You haven’t noticed it yet, then below You will find a piece of useful information about that.

Information about wholesale – Your company details

Today we would like to write a few words about very important section of seller’s account at Merkandi. As You already know, we made a few major improvements at the website, and added a few options for all of our members, and this one is one of them.

How to set a leading category for my wholesale?

While searching for the suppliers at Merkandi, user might come across a “leading category” column. This information is accessible only in “WHOLESALE” section of the website, and shows key categories for the products listed by the wholesaler.

Opinions about wholesalers

Besides many other features and information, Merkandi provides an opinion system. All VIP-users are able not only to view the feedback regarding the wholesalers, but also give it directly on the website.

Describing a company at Merkandi

Intoducing a company to the potential buyers is very important thing. At Merkandi, all suppliers are able to describe their businesses. How to add such description?

Advanced searching options at Merkandi

Most of the users of Merkandi do have some specific requirements regarding the wholesale stocks they search for. For having the most suitable results faster, we suggest using advanced search options.

Advertising options at Merkandi website

Except from the promotion options available for our VIP-registered users with selling options enabled, we are also offering two different advertising options. These are available for anyone, not only for Merkandi registered users.