Buy on Merkandi! We now have our own sales department

A few weeks ago, we have launched Merkandi sales department. What does it mean for our members and visitors on the website? It means, that now you are able to buy on Merkandi!

The most important information for you, is that you can find those goods in the Offers section of Merkandi website. Just use the “Sale online” checkbox at the bottom of the filters’ list to view only those products, which are available to buy online on Merkandi. Just have a look at the screenshot, if you cannot find it.

Merkandi sells online

Alternatively, you may also come accross one of the offers of this sort first. In this case, you will see our sales department’s contact details just next to the offer. If you will click “All offers” button, you will also view all of the products available to buy online. The screnshot from below should clarify that for you.

Buy on Merkandi

Of course, the list of products available to buy on Merkandi grows on a daily basis, so please do not forget to check it regularly. We strive to offer you as rich assortment of products as possible, and we are opended to your suggestions. If you are looking for a certain type of product, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department and ask about it.

We hope that you will enjoy this new feature as much as we do, and we are waiting for your opinions about it. Please share your thoughts with us, to make it even better!