What does Retour-Ware grade mean?

The last one of the grades used at Merkandi b2b wholesale directory, is named “Retour-Ware”. Although this one might be used for couple of different classes of wholesale merchandise, the common thing for all of them is the fact, that all “retour-ware” graded products have been returned by the customers.

Naturally, there are many different reasons for returning the product to the shop. Nevertheless, if the offer listed at Merkandi is described as Retour-Ware, then You have to assume that:

– the products are sold without a warranty and cannot be returned back, unless otherwise stated in the offer’s description
– in most cases, the whole lot consists of untested customer returns. This means, that the wholesaler will not be able to tell You, which of the goods are working, and which are not. You either buy the goods as seen, or You do not buy them at all.
– at least some part of the products might not have the original packages

inventory grades at Merkandi

Of course, You should always view the offer’s description, or contact the wholesaler, if You have any questions concerning his or her offer, or You would like to get a bit more information before You start negotiating the deal.

Grades’ description at the website: wholesale products