What does C-Ware grade mean?

The next type of merchandise, which can be found at Merkandi b2b wholesale directory, are the C-Ware products. Unlike the A-Ware and B-Ware goods, the C-Ware ones are not working, and that is the basic reason of selling them at discount wholesale prices.

inventory grades at Merkandi

Someone might ask about the purpose of selling non-working products. Well, most of the C-Ware products can be used for spare parts, or even repaired and sold as fully working items. Just remember, that in order to be able to fix the products, a company should have a specific division, which will proceed with not only the repairs, but will also recertify the item, if it is an electronic device.

This is quite costly, therefore some of the companies are basically interested in selling their broken merchandise, instead of opening a totally new branch.

To this end, please remember about this grade of products. As a buyer, You usually will not be able to return the damaged products, because all of these goods are mostly sold as seen.

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