Do the prices of the stocks include VAT?

One of the most frequent questions of the users, is the matter of prices of the products listed at Merkandi b2b trade platform. The basic problem, is that there is no information whether the prices include VAT or not.

The answer to this question can be found in Buyer FAQ, available at Merkandi website:

2. Do the prices at the website include VAT ?
The prices given at the website are exclusive of VAT per default, unless otherwise stated.

Because we are mainly focused on bringing toghether businesses, interested in buying and selling bankrupt stocks, end of line stocks, ex demo merchandise etc., we have made an assumption, that prices excl. VAT will be much more useful for our users. Nevertheless, for detailed information about the price, please always read the description of the offer You are interested in. Sometimes, the wholesalers are giving a price including VAT, and are informing about that in the offer’s description.

prices at Merkandi exclude VAT

To this end, we encourage You to view the FAQ section of Merkandi website. Apart from basic information about users’ accounts features, You will also find there some useful information about the wholesale deals, just like the one from above.

More useful information: Merkandi FAQ