What does B-Ware grade mean?

Unlike the A-Ware goods, the B-Ware grade includes couple of different types of wholesale merchandise. Nevertheless, the common thing for all of them is that they are fully working.

What sort of products does the B-Ware grade includes, then? In general, all wholesale refurbished products, used goods, also ex lease and ex demo equipment. Finally, also new products might be included in this group, if they are sold without original packages or have any cosmetic defects.

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The next important thing is the warranty period. In most cases, the suppliers of B-Ware products are selling these goods under warranty, but in most cases it will remain valid for 30 days. Of course, also some longer warranty periods are also applicable, but this is not a rule for this grade of products and the deals on B-Ware goods sold without any warranty are also possible.

Finally, B-Ware wholesale products can be delivered in original boxes, but also in substitute ones. In most cases, the wholesalers are informing about that in the offers they list.

To this end, B-Ware grade means that You buy fully working products, however they might have some cosmetic defects. Neither the warranty, nor the original package is required to offer the goods as B-Ware ones, only the fact that they work matters for this grade.

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