Problems with Merkandi website? Update Your browser, please.

Today we would like to start a mini-guide concerning the most common solutions for some problems with displaying our website properly.

upgrade the browser to view Merkandi

If You visit our website and see the graphics from above, then You need to update Your browser, in order to access all of Merkandi features. This banner appears when You are using the old version of a web browser.

Please mind, that our website does not support Internet Explorer 7.0, as well as any older version of this web browser. There is no other option of improving Your experience while utilizing the website, besides updating the Internet Explorer.

To this end, this graphic includes download links too. If You see it at Merkandi website, then please choose one of the web browsers’ icons and download the one You like at most. Once You will have a latest version of one of these browsers, You will be able to utilize the website in a comfortable way.