Have You seen a new version of Merkandi FAQ?

Merkandi FAQ

Few days ago, we have launched a new Merkandi FAQ. We have decided to merge the previous versions of it (one for buyers, and another one for sellers), to make browsing this section easier and more efficient.

A new version of Merkandi FAQ enables You to search for the information You need. To do that, just enter the keyword or a key phrase, and then press ENTER, or click the SEARCH button.

Merkandi FAQ

The new Merkandi FAQ is also bigger than the previous ones were. This means, that most of the basic questions are answered there, so please feel free to explore this section of our website. Apart from the answers to the questions like “How to add an offer?“, or “How to write an inquiry?“, which are asked by current members, there are many important information about basics of Merkandi trading platform. We hope that this will help people, who are considering joining Merkandi, but do not know how the platform works.

Another important modification are the screenshots. Whenever we wanted to show You, where to find the certain feature, we have made a screenshot, to make utilizing Merkandi even more easier and convenient. Of course, not all of the answers require screenshots, but if You are missing one within the certain one, then just let us know.

We are of course opened to any suggestions of our members and visitors. If You think about any subject linked with Merkandi, which should be explained within the FAQ, please feel free to let us know about that. After all, the FAQ has been created and will be developed for Your convenience, so we will happily add it to the current list. For any suggestions or ideas, please contact our Customer Service Team.

To view the latest version of Merkandi FAQ, just click here.