Is every offer at Merkandi translated to English?

If You will switch to any of the language versions of Merkandi (PL, DE, FR, ES), You will see that there are some other offers, which had not been presented at the English language version of Merkandi.

The supplier does not reply to my inquiries

We do know the importance of trouble-free communication between buyers and sellers at Merkandi. It is the most essential thing for any future businesses between purchasers and suppliers. Unfortunately, some problems with contacting the sellers happen, once in a while. What can one do when such thing happens?

Improving the deals’ security – stock inspection

Lately, we have been focused on the methods of completing the deals online. Today, we would like to encourage You to finalize the transactions face to face. From our point of view, this is the most secure way of purchasing wholesale merchandise.

Improving the deals’ security – ESCROW account

Another possibility to complete the deal and secure the interests of buyer and seller at the same time, is to open an ESCROW account. Many banks offer such deposit account these days, so buyers and sellers should not have any problem with selecting the proper one.

Improving the deals’ security – Paypal payment

Today, we would like to start a general topic, where we will give You some tips about improving the security of wholesale transactions. The first aspect we would like to comment on, is a matter of making the payment. Here, You will find some basics about Paypal payment.

International wire transfer payment instructions

Whenever a payer transfers the money abroad, he or she is able to set who will pay the transfer charges. There are three different payment instructions, which are used while making an international wire transfer.

I am not registered for VAT, can I list offers at Merkandi?

It is possible for a user to have his or her selling options activated, even though his or her business is not registered for VAT. In such situation, user might be asked for another document issued by his or her local fiscal authority, which will confirm the registration of his or her business for tax.

I need an address of one supplier, do I need to register?

Yes, You do. Merkandi offers two types of utilization only: STANDARD subscription – generally speaking, it is an access to the contact details of the suppliers, without any additional information or features VIP subscription – access to the contact details of the suppliers, also access to the suppliers’ blacklist, an option of viewing and adding … Continued

How the deals are done at Merkandi?

One of the most frequent questions of our users, or the people who are interested in joining Merkandi, is a question of the deal. Generally speaking, we are being asked about the transactions’ insights and some basic steps and procedures.