What does A-Ware grade mean?

As You already know, each offer listed at Merkandi includes the information about the grade of merchandise. Some time ago, we have posted a brief explanation of all grades, which can be found at Merkandi. This time, we would like to explain You the meaning of each grade in details, starting from the first one: A-Ware.

A-Ware grade includes brand new wholesale merchandise, sold in original (usually retail) packages. Neither the products, nor the packages can have cosmetic imperfections of any kind, if being offered as A-Ware items.

inventory grades at Merkandi

The only differences between the A-Ware products are connected with the warranty period and specific conditions. Since the goods are being sold by many different wholesalers and suppliers, this aspect may vary between one offer and another. Just remember, that offering a warranty of any type is not a necessary condition to add the product to the A-Ware group, therefore whenever You are interested in purchasing the goods under a warranty, You should ask the supplier about this matter.

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