Improved opinions system at Merkandi

Last time, we have described a feature, which is available for wholesalers at Merkandi. Today, we would like to write a few words about one, which is available for all of our VIP members. If You haven’t noticed it yet, then below You will find a piece of useful information about that.

One of the most important features at Merkandi, is an option of listing an opinion about a wholesaler. That is why, when we were preparing some improvements to the previous features, we have decided to make the opinions system better.

What are the basic changes?

opinions at Merkandi

As You can see in the image from above, this was not only a cosmetic modification. Obviously, we did not change the three basic types of an opinion (positive, neutral, negative), or an option of adding some information about the reasons for listing the certain one.

However, we have decided to give You an option of adding a rating. The rating system is easy: 1 star is the lowest mark, and 5 stars are the highest one. You are able to rate 4 different aspects of the deal:
– the description of the stock (item description),
– communication with the seller (contact with supplier),
– the time needed for delivering the products, that You have ordered (delivery time),
– and the costs of delivery (delivery cost)

In our opinion, it will not take much time to rate these things, but will be invaluable for other buyers. In other words, it will make buyers’ feedback even more valuable, because the basic information will be already there.

Please remember that all of Your opinions are activated manually, so sometimes You will need to wait 1 or 2 business days to see it at the website. Finally, please do not forget that our staff is translating Your opinions to other languages supported at Merkandi, to share the useful information with all of the members of Merkandi.

If You have any questions or concerns about the opinions module, or any other features of Merkandi, then please do not hesitate to contact the Customer Service Team.