Information about wholesale – Your company details

Today we would like to write a few words about very important section of seller’s account at Merkandi. As You already know, we made a few major improvements at the website, and added a few options for all of our members, and this one is one of them.

What will You find in this section of Your account? In general, there are 5 different subsections, where You are able to provide some detailed information about Your company. To view this section, just click the following link while You are signed in to Your Merkandi account: information about wholesale

Company information

This section consists of basic information about Your wholesale. Here, You will find Your company name and VAT Number, as well as the physical address. One important modification here, is a region field. As soon as You will choose the proper one from the list, all buyers will be able to find You using this search criterion.


Additional information

This section enables You to upload logo of Your company, present some pictures of Your facilities, enter geographical coordinates of Your location, enter Your website’s url and finally enter a few fords about Your business. We definitely recommend You filling in all of these fields, to create a fully professional profile of Your company.


Contact details

Here, You are able to add the basic profiles of Your sales department members. Just click the add button, and enter the information like name and surname, phone number, email address and finally a language to communicate with the certain person. The information about languages is very important for buyers, so if You are able to support sales in other langauges, please let them know about that, by filling in this subsection.


Payment options and delivery options

The last two sections are about payment and delivery. Apart from three different options to choose per section, there is also a text field. Please use it to either describe the payment options You accept (i.e. Paypal, Skrill etc.), or to inform buyers about all required shipping information, for example the initial charges, or the countries, where You will not be able to deliver Your goods.

Once You complete updating Your profile, all buyers will see these information about Your company. This means, that Your profile will be easier to find in the wholesale section of the website. Moreover, if You will be descriptive, the buyers will not have to ask You some basic questions, because they will be available for them within Your profile. Because of that, negotiating and completing the deals will become much easier.

If You have any questions or concerns about Your account settings, or updating Your profile, then please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team.