Basic types of wholesale clothing at Merkandi

Wholesale clothing is a category with the biggest number of offers. Below, You will find some basic information about this category, and the deals, which are available there.

General wholesale clothing deals

stock lot clothing

If You do not search for clothes for men, women or children only, You should start Your searching from the stock lot clothing subcategory. In this category of clothing, You will find job lot clothes and stock lots of mixed apparel. Apart from the gender, there are also job lots consisting of not only apparel, but also fashion accessories, bags, belts sold as a single parcel.

Men’s clothing

men's wholesale clothes

To find the latest offers of wholesale clothing for men, just go to this subcategory. You will find there casual clothes and formal wear for men. Some of the offers might be a mixture of garments of many different clothing brands and seasons, while the other will be single lines of the certain models. Still, here You will find all types of clothes for men.

Women’s clothing

wholesale clothes for women

Variety of stock lots and deals on wholesale clothing for women. You will find here cheap wholesale clothes, and luxury wholesale clothing for women, sold for a fracture of a RRP. Obviously, there are many different types of deals within this subcategory, but if You are basically interested in ladies’ garments only, then this is the category for You.

Clothes for babies and children

wholesale children clothes

This is a broad category, consisting of many different types of clothes. Still, all of the wholesale clothes for children can be found in this subcategory. Wholesalers are offering variety of garments for infants, babies, children and teenagers, so if You are looking for some good deals on these clothes, just view this subcategory.

Used clothes

used wholesale clothes

This is the subcategory for used wholesale clothing deals. There are no further subcategories within this one, because in most cases the clothes are sorted by the condition, not the gender.


wholesale lingerie

Since this is a completely different type of merchandise, we have decided to create such subcategory too. The wholesale underwear deals include wholesale lingerie of famous brands, but also cheap and unbranded products of this sort.

Fashion accessories

wholesale handbags

The last one of the categories of wholesale clothing, are the fashion accessories. This one includes bags and belts mostly, but there are also scarves, hats and any other products. If You are interested in purchasing wholesale fashion accessories, You should view this subcategory, to find the products You need.