Cindior Paris wholesale clothing stock lot

Today we would like to inform You about a wholesale clothing deal, which is available at Merkandi website. A wholesaler is offering a very large parcel of Cindior Paris clothes, and will happily discuss the deals with all potential buyers.

Basically, the stock lot includes new wholesale clothing only. According to the wholesaler, the buyers will find there garments for men, women and children, for all seasons. Below You will find one of the pictures of this stock lot. As You can see, these are genuine pictures of the actual products.

cindior paris wholesale clothing

Since there is plenty of clothes to choose from, the wholesaler did not include the information about the total available amount. He only mentioned, that there are 3 full trucks of wholesale clothing total available to buy. Obviously, if the buyer will be interested in taking the whole lot, then he will be given a discount.

If You are not interested in purchasing the whole stock, then please be informed, that the minimal order quantity is 5000 pieces. We do not know if You will be able to choose the items You want piece by piece, or per boxes, which You can see in the picture from above.

Finally, a major part of these wholesale clothes has been already catalogued, so the wholesaler has a packing list of most of these products. If You would like to view it, then just send an email to the wholesaler, and ask him to send You a copy. You can also contact him, if You would like to receive some more pictures of this stock lot.

If You find this offer interesting, please view some more information about it at Merkandi website: Cindior Paris wholesale clothing. To view some other offers of clothes, just go to our website and choose the “Clothing” category, or simply click the following link: wholesale clothing