What kind of wholesale shoes can I find at Merkandi?

Wholesale shoes is one of the most popular categories of products at Merkandi. Below You will find a scheme of subcategories, where You will be able to find offers of wholesale footwear.

Wholesale shoes for children

wholesale shoes for children

The first of the subcategories are shoes for kids. Within this category, You will find all kinds of footwear for children, for all ages. In most cases, wholesalers are offering brand new wholesale shoes, but You might find some deals on used ones too.

Wholesale shoes for men

wholesale shoes for men

Men’s footwear includes not only casual shoes, but also dress shoes. There are various offers, therefore buyers are able to choose from many different wholesale stocks of footwear. Basically, men’s shoes are sold either by the certain brand, the certain model of shoe, or as job lots, where You will find a mixture of brands, sizes and seasons.

Wholesale shoes for women

wholesale shoes for women

The above-mentioned characteristic applies to the ladies’ wholesale footwear too. You should not have a problem with finding branded wholesale footwear, but there are also deals on cheap wholesale shoes.

Stock lot shoes

stock lot shoes

This category will generally consist of various job lots and stock lots of wholesale footwear. Here, a buyer will be able to find offers of various brands and types of shoes, and in most cases, the deal will include a mixture of shoes for men, women and children. Within this category, You will also find end of line stocks and cancelled order stocks.

Sport shoes

outdoor shoes wholesale

First of all, this category can be found within Sports, hobbies & leisure products. To find football shoes, running shoes, outdoor shoes or any other sport shoes, this will be the best section to start from.

To this end, please remember, that some of the wholesalers are also listing their offers of wholesale footwear within the liquidation stock category. Because of that, please do not forget about this category, if You will be searching for a wholesale lot of shoes.