European Distribution Fraud – a few more information

Last time, we have informed You about European Distribution Fraud (click here to view this posting). Today, we would like to write a few more words about that. We hope that this will prevent You and Your companies from becoming victims of Europan Distribution Fraud.


1. Major retailer does not buy a few containers of the goods just like that

If You are contacted by a buyer from a major retail chainstore, and he wants to buy a few containers of Your goods, You should be very careful. The major retailers do not order such amounts of merchandise just like that. Before they will place a new product on the shelfs of their outlets, they will precisely analyze the product. This includes not only sending the samples of Your product to their own laboratories, but also marketing analysys. Since it might take even a few months, and the final outcome is unknown, almost nobody will order a few lorries of products without following these proccedures.

2. Instruct the delivery drivers about not changing the drop off point

If You will get involved in such a big order, You should be 100% sure, that the drivers will not change the delivery points. In many cases, the fraudsters are giving a delivery address, which usually matches the address of the authentic storage facility of the retailer. However, as soon as the delivery is arranged, and the load is going to it’s destination point, they call a driver and ask him to change it. Because of that, even if a buyer gives You a physical address of the warehouse of a big retailer, You still have to be sure, that the driver will reject any requests of changing it while the transportation.

These information, as well as the tips from here, should prevent You from becoming a victim of European Distribution Fraud. If You have any questions about this type of fraud, please feel free to contact Merkandi Customer Service Team.