Summer merchandise wholesale clearance at Merkandi

summer products wholesale clearance

Although the winter season approaches, many wholesalers might still have some summer products for sale. Moreover, some of the buyers are also interested in purchasing such goods, especially if the prices are reduced to clear. Because of that, we have a special offer for all wholesalers, who would like to list a wholesale clearance deal of summer merchandise at Merkandi.

Starting from today, each wholesaler can send us a link to one of his or her offers with summer products, and we will advertise it for free! We will accept all offers, which will include typical products for this season, i.e. swimwear, motorbikes clothing and accessories, beach products, outdoor toys etc.

Once a wholesaler will send us a link to one of his or her offers of this sort, we will advertise it within TOP OFFERS box at the website. There are no hidden catches, this special offer is totally for free. Just remember, that only one offer per one wholesaler will receive this free advertising option.

Below You will find a screenshot of the TOP OFFERS box:

Top Offers at Merkandi

If You want to have Your wholesale clearance deal placed in this advertising box, then just send us an email, and with a link to this offer at Merkandi, entitled Advertise my offer of summer merchandise. Please do not forget, that our special offer is valid until Saturday, 31th October 2015.

Now is the high time for You to clear Your warehouse from summer products. There are thousands of buyers at Merkandi, who are still interested in obtaing the goods from the past season, so give them a chance to purchase these items now. Just make a wholesale clearance deal on Your summer wholesale merchandise. After all, it is a win-win situation, where You are getting some more space in Your warehouse, and the buyers are able to get the products they need.