RGPD revolution in the protection of personal data

Recently, the Internet was abuzz about the new regulations of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union on the protection of personal data, called RGPD. The law has already come into force. To whom are the new rules applied? Find out what changes in automatic processing of personal they entail.

10 ways to avoid scam in wholesale trading

Unfortunately, we live in a world that is not perfect, and it means that sometimes we may face some negative situations when dealing with suppliers. Certain cases include a simple lack of communication while shipping the wrong product or invoicing additional charges that have not been pre-determined. However, you may also happen to have an … Continued

Get your Christmas present from Merkandi!

We can officially say, that we have a Christmas season peak currently. The retail and wholesale trade increases the sales, the consumers start to worry about choosing the best christmas presents for their beloved, and the wholesalers are starting preparations to the traditional stock counting at the end of the year. Still, before they will … Continued

Black Friday at Merkandi!

Merkandi has just started preparations to this year’s Black Friday. Although Black Friday is the first day of Christmas shopping season in the USA, the celebration of this day is also observed in many other countries of the world. Most of the sellers prepare special deals and bargains for their customers, and because of that, … Continued

More information about offers

Another portion of updates to the Merkandi features. Today, we would like to inform You, that we have added a few fields to the add offer form, to make the offers even more interesting and descriptive.