Suppliers with merchandise available per request

The next important feature of Merkandi user’s account is an access to the list of suppliers with products available per request.

Finding this option is easy. All You have to do is just log in to Your user’s account and then go to wholesale section. Among the other options, there will be also a link to the list, as given in the picture below:

list of suppliers with products available per request

Clicking it, will direct You to the full list of such suppliers. A print screen of the part of this list:

list of suppliers

As You see, all of them are marked with a question mark. Whenever You will be searching for suppliers at Merkandi, this mark will be shown next to the supplier’s name, if he or she is listed as a supplier with products available per request.

Finally, why are the suppliers marked like this?

Some sellers decide not to introduce their offers at Merkandi. In such case, user has to contact them directly in order to receive the latest offers from them. For users’ convenience, we are collecting such information about the sellers, and that is why the list have been created.

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