What are points at Merkandi?

Points are a completely new feature at Merkandi. They are available for VIP users, which have verified their companies with us and are listing offers.

The option of purchasing points is available after logging in to the VIP-user account:

purchasing points at Merkandi

What are points for exactly?

It is an alternative way of paying for the promotion options available at Merkandi b2b trade platform. For every option, user can either use one of the payment methods, or charge his or her points’ balance. Available points’ packs are:

Merkandi points packs prices

As You see, the key advantage of purchasing points is clear. Paying with points gives discounts on the promotion options, because the conversion rate is 1 to 1: the nominal value of 1 point is 1 EUR. Example: user buys promotion options for his or her offer at a total price of 100 EUR, but he or she can also buy 100 points at 90 EUR and use them for advertising his or her offer. If he or she decides to buy points, he or she will save 10 EUR on promotion options.

For bigger points packs, the savings are bigger too. Buying 400 points will give a discount of 25% off the prices. It means that purchasing the biggest points pack will save 100 EUR! We encourage You then to buy points, whenever You wish to promote Your stocks at Merkandi.

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