Improving the deals’ security – Paypal payment

Today, we would like to start a general topic, where we will give You some tips about improving the security of wholesale transactions. The first aspect we would like to comment on, is a matter of making the payment. Here, You will find some basics about Paypal payment.

Paypal payment is commonly considered as a secure one. We can confirm, that it really is. The basic advantage of making the payment for wholesale merchandise via Paypal, is the option of complaining about the deal, if something went wrong.

payment security

The buyer protection lasts for 45 days since the payment date. During that time, a purchaser is able to complain about the transaction. If Paypal will confirm the buyer’s claim, a refund of the transferred amount will be credited to his or her Paypal balance. This prevents from becoming a victim of almost any type of fraud, because a buyer has a lot of time to react, if anything suspicious happens.

Of course, Paypal takes the appropriate fee for transferring funds, but it is not a huge expense for protecting a deal. We therefore suggest You to consider this payment option, as one of the basic ways of completing the b2b wholesale deals.