How the deals are done at Merkandi?

One of the most frequent questions of our users, or the people who are interested in joining Merkandi, is a question of the deal. Generally speaking, we are being asked about the transactions’ insights and some basic steps and procedures.

b2b trade

We always say, that the transaction’s details are a matter of agreement between the certain buyer and seller. Both buyers and sellers have the certain requirements regarding the deals, and they should discuss them directly, in order to find the most satisfying solutions.

Therefore, if a certain condition of the transaction is not acceptable by You, You should negotiate it with the deal party straight-away. For example, if a payment method is unacceptable for You, just try to convince the seller to the one, which will be better for You and for him. If this will not help, You can either withdraw Your interests from the certain lot, or accept the conditions of the supplier.

Finally, both buyers and sellers should be as detailed as possible, starting from the offers’ descriptions to end with inquiries sent via email. The more specific You are while expressing Your needs and requirements, the more specific and promt feedback You will get.