What can I buy from a liquidator?

Obviously, a liquidator might offer You nearly all sorts of products. It simply depends on the liquidated company, it’s type of business and asset. Nevertheless, there are two general groups of items, which can be bought from a liquidator, and which can You find at Merkandi platform.

Wholesale merchandise

This group consists of all of the products, which can be easily resold to retailers, or other wholesalers. In general, these are all types of FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods), FMCE (fast-moving consumer electronics), and other consumables. A certain liquidator might offer You i.e. a closeout stock of soft drinks, while the other one will have a batch of consumer electronics for sale. Finally, the important part of this group, are obviously fashion-related products, like clothing and footwear (branded and unbranded). Since these are the goods which can be easily bought and resold afterwards, major part of the offers of liquidation stock are the deals on various wholesale merchandise.

liquidation stock

Professional equipment

The second important group consists of professional equipment and companies’ asset. Some of the liquidators are specialized in selling plant machinery and equipment, catering equipment, shops equipment etc. These goods can also be sold to the retailers and wholesalers, or any other business people, but the difference is obvious. In most cases, they will be interested in either equipping their businesses with these goods, or relaunching them as the owners.

Another important thing, is that these types of liquidation stock, are more often sold on liquidation auctions, than the merchandise is. The average value of these closeout stocks is much higher, therefore bidding is the easiest way of finding new owners. Moreover, it’s harder to find a business person interested in plant machinery, than a retailer or wholesaler of clothing, who will purchase a consignment of branded apparel.

concrete plant liquidation sale

Of course, You will be able to find both of these groups of liquidation stocks at Merkandi. Just remember, that apart from the “liquidation stock” category available at the website, You can also use the “liquidation” term in the search bar. Liquidators not always list their offers within the liquidation stock category, and use the other ones instead, to introduce them to the buyers of i.e. clothing or consumer electronics directly.