Automotive wholesale offers at Merkandi

It might be a bit surprising for some of our readers and users, but automotive wholesale offers are quite popular among the members of Merkandi. This category of stock includes couple of different types of wholesale products, and below You will find a summary of these types.

New and used cars

wholesale cars

Although there are not too many offers of cars, this section is very popular among the users. The offers are generally coming from liquidators, in some cases specialized in automotive wholesale business, and wholesalers of ex lease and ex demo products. There are couple of different offers to choose from, so if You are interested in viewing them, just click the link to go to this category: wholesale cars

Spare parts and accessories

nipparts spare parts wholesale

Here You will find lots of wholesale deals on spare parts and accessories for many different makes of cars. Usually, wholesalers and liquidators are listing the offers including the total stock they are trying to sell. For example, if a certain seller has a large consignment of car parts for different makes of cars, he will offer it as a single parcel, and mention the most prominent makes in the offer’s description. In other words, it is highly recommended to read the descriptions and download the packing lists, if You are searching for the certain type of spare parts. These might be only mentioned in the manifest enclosed to the offer, so You will not be able to find them using our search option.

To view the offers of this category, just go to this link: wholesale spare parts

Car navigation and audio

car audio wholesale

Finally, You will also find some car navigation and car audio wholesale deals at Merkandi. Some of these products will be new, the other will be used or untested, so please remember about the grades of products, which are used at Merkandi, to avoid any misunderstandings.

Just click car audio wholesale to view the latest offers of this equipment, or car navigation wholesale to explore the offers on this type of devices.

These are the basic groups of automotive wholesale products at Merkandi.