New Merkandi website has been launched!

You have probably already noticed, that Merkandi website has been redesigned. Apart from the website’s appearance, we made several other improvements. If You would like to know more about them, just read this posting.


New categories

We have updated a list of categories. Now, wholesalers are able to list ladies’, men’s and children’s clothing in separate subcategories. We have also added a used clothing subcategory. Other categories of wholesale goods have also been modified, and a full list of new ones is available here: Merkandi categories of products

More information about the deals

Each wholesaler is now able to add some basic information about the terms and conditions of the deals, such as the delivery options and payment options. Apart from the checkboxes, there is also a text box, where a wholesaler can enter some more information about the accepted payment options, and delivery options. We hope that having these information available to any potential buyer, will make a process of completing the deal more efficient and straightforward.


Advanced search improvement

Now, all of the filters are available on the left of the advanced search. What’s more, the search results are appearing instantly. Just check the boxes, and the system will start searching the offers which match Your criteria.

merkandi search

To use the advanced search options, just click the link: Merkandi advanced search

Responsive website (RWD)

You can browse Merkandi website with any mobile device. The website will enable You to utilize all of the platform’s features, including listing offers, contacting the wholesalers, or adding new opinions.

Of course, there are many other features, which have been added or modified by us, which improve Your experience while browsing and using Merkandi website. If You have any questions or concerns about new Merkandi, or You would like to share Your feedback with us, just contact our Customer Service Team here: contact Merkandi.