New categories of stock at Merkandi

Recently, we have added couple of new categories of wholesale stock at Merkandi. Below, You will find some basic information about the offers, which might be listed in the new categories.

Tobacco, e-cigarettes, alcohol

In most cases, the products of this type were previously listed in Food & Beverage category. Now, they are all available in main category called Tobacco, e-cigarettes, alcohol. Please use it, if You want to list an offer of wine, beer or any other alcohol drink, any sort of tobacco products, including cigarettes, and of course any e-cigarettes and accessories. Of course, all of the previous offers of these goods have already been moved there.

Other wholesale products

If You cannot find the most appropriate category for Your stock, then You can use this one. This one will help us in creating other categories of the products, to improve our users’ experience while exploring Merkandi website.

categories at Merkandi