User’s account features: blacklisted suppliers

This article begins a series of notes regarding Merkandi features. Among them, one of the most important is a blacklist of the suppliers.

The suppliers’ blacklist is accessible by VIP-registered users only, as stated in the registration’s list of features:

Merkandi subscription

The list is accessible via “Wholesale” section of Merkandi website: To view the records, one has to log in to his or her user’s account and choose the option from the screen below:

blacklisted suppliers at Merkandi

Additionaly, all of the blacklisted suppliers are marked with an “access denied” sign:

Merkandi blacklisted wholesale

Whenever user’s searching will result with listing such supplier among the other, the “access denied” mark is presented just next to the wholesale’s name.

What are the reasons of blacklisting a supplier at Merkandi?

1) A supplier receives a negative feedback from several Merkandi users.
2) A supplier committed a fraud or tried to commit a fraud.

As You see, the charges against blacklisted suppliers are serious. In our opinion, it is worthless to contact them regarding any offer they will send You or give You. There are lots of other sellers at Merkandi, so don’t waste Your time and money on trading with blacklisted suppliers.

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