Merkandi account’s renewal – 3 different offers

As You all know, subscription to the Merkandi b2b trade platform lasts for 12 months. For both STANDARD and VIP subscription types, one year of utilization starts from the date of account’s activation. Neverheless, we have some more options for those users, who are considering renewal of their Merkandi accounts’.

Suppliers with merchandise available per request

The next important feature of Merkandi user’s account is an access to the list of suppliers with products available per request. Finding this option is easy. All You have to do is just log in to Your user’s account and then go to wholesale section. Among the other options, there will be also a link … Continued

User’s account features: blacklisted suppliers

This article begins a series of notes regarding Merkandi features. Among them, one of the most important is a blacklist of the suppliers. The suppliers’ blacklist is accessible by VIP-registered users only, as stated in the registration’s list of features: