Opinions about wholesalers

Besides many other features and information, Merkandi provides an opinion system. All VIP-users are able not only to view the feedback regarding the wholesalers, but also give it directly on the website.

The opinions about the certain wholesaler can be found in two places:

1) At the offer’s screen

opinions box at Merkandi

Whenever there is a feedback regarding a certain wholesaler, You will find it in the frame marked with red colour.

2) At the wholesaler’s card

opinions at wholesaler's card

If You are searching for potential suppliers via wholesale section of Merkandi website, then whenever You will click the name of any of the suppliers from the list, You will view his or her card. The opinions, if there are any, will be located in the field marked with red colour.

That’s how You can find opinions about the wholesalers, who are listing their stocks at Merkandi.