More information about offers


Another portion of updates to the Merkandi features. Today, we would like to inform You, that we have added a few fields to the add offer form, to make the offers even more interesting and descriptive.

more info about offers Merkandi

The screenshot shows the updated add offer form, and includes some new fields, which will be useful for both: buyers and sellers at Merkandi.

Product ID – this is the number of the product within the wholesaler’s inventory. The ID code of the product might be easier to find in his or her database, therefore if You will be inquiring for the product, and the wholesaler provided a product ID, then please do not forget to mention it too.

EAN – another useful information for buyers and sellers. International Article Number identifies the manufacturer, and the certain product of his. The barcodes are used worldwide, and help a lot in logistics.

TARIC – Integrated Tariff of the European Communities, very important for all EU importers, because it is being used in statistical declarations and customs, if the products are coming from outside EU.

Brand – the last field is meant for the brand’s name. For plenty of the consumer goods, this is a very important information, therefore we have decided to make a special field for it. Now, You will easily find the brand’s name, if the wholesaler did not mention it in the title of the offer.

Please remember, that all of those fields are optional, therefore wholesalers can add their offers without filling in any of them. In such case, You will not find them in the offer, because all of the empty fields are hidden by default.

If You would like to view some of the latest offers at Merkandi, then please click the following link, which will direct You to the offers’ section of the platform: click here.