Merkandi account’s renewal – 3 different offers

As You all know, subscription to the Merkandi b2b trade platform lasts for 12 months. For both STANDARD and VIP subscription types, one year of utilization starts from the date of account’s activation. Neverheless, we have some more options for those users, who are considering renewal of their Merkandi accounts’.

Have a look at the below print screen:

merkandi options of renewing an account

As You see, actually we offer 3 different options of renewing an account. The first one is, generally speaking, a basic one and known to all of those users, who have utilized the previous version of Merkandi – Retourware24. We are giving 3 additional months of utilization time, if a user decides to renew an account for another 12 months.

The last two options are more profitable though. If You decide to renew Your account for another 24 months, we will grant You 7 months more. Finally, for 36 months account’s renewal, there is one more year of subscription for free. What are the costs?

31 months’ renewal is priced at 2 x the STANDARD/VIP subscription fee.

48 months’ renewal is priced at 3 x the STANDARD/VIP subscription fee.

So if You are considering Your Merkandi account’s renewal, then please have a look at these options and choose the most profitable for You.

Of course, for any questions or concerns on this topic, just leave a comment or contact us directly.

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