How to set a leading category for my wholesale?

While searching for the suppliers at Merkandi, user might come across a “leading category” column. This information is accessible only in “WHOLESALE” section of the website, and shows key categories for the products listed by the wholesaler.

This field consists of maximum three different general categories of the products. How does the wholesaler edit this field? There is no possibility of doing that. This column shows the top categories for the certain wholesaler based on the products listed by him or her, therefore the only way to change it, is to simply offer some stocks from other categories.

most common categories of products

In other words, this field shows which of the products’ categories are commonly used by the certain wholesaler. It does not mean, that he or she is not offering any other merchandise, besides these groups. It only means, that he or she is offering these types of stock frequently, and more often than the other ones.