How to update or edit the information about the company?

It is very important for VIP users, who have activated their selling options, to keep their company details up-to-date at Merkandi. These information are important for all potential buyers, because they are using them for contacting the sellers about the offers or general trade terms and conditions. How to update or edit these information then?

Can I buy a single item from the wholesaler?

Merkandi is a b2b wholesale marketplace for bankrupt and liquidated stocks, end of line stocks, seized goods etc. Only wholesale deals are listed at Merkandi, so purchasing a single item is not an option generally. Nevertheless, You should always read the offer carefully and check the terms given by the certain supplier. If the minimal … Continued

Can I register as a private person at Merkandi?

Today we are launching a new category of posts: Frequently Asked Questions. We hope that this section will help You in understanding and efficiently utilizing an access to the Merkandi b2b trade platform. Apart from that, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team, available from Monday to Friday 9:00-16:00.

How to configure newsletters’ subscriptions?

Merkandi sends couple of different newsletters to the users. All of them, who have subscribed to the website and became members of the b2b trade platform, have an option of changing the subscriptions’ settings. How to do it?

What are the stock grades at Merkandi?

As You all know, Merkandi is a b2b wholesale marketplace for bankrupt stocks, liquidation stocks, end of line stocks etc. Among the products offered by the suppliers, users will find not only the brand new merchandise for sale. There are couple of different types of goods, which are also offered at Merkandi.

How to restore a forgotten password?

This is a very helpful option, because we all forgot passwords to our users’ accounts from time to time. Of course, You can always contact us during our working hours, and we will help You with logging in straight-away. Nevertheless, You can also restore Your password on Your own.

What are points at Merkandi?

Points are a completely new feature at Merkandi. They are available for VIP users, which have verified their companies with us and are listing offers.