Improving the deals’ security – Skrill ESCROW payment

Another useful service for completing the deals is ESCROW payment provided by Skrill (Moneybookers). Generally, it is very similar to the traditional ESCROW payment, but all of the steps are being done online.

1) Buyer and Seller agree on the price and other terms of the deal.

2) Buyer transfers the agreed price via Skrill ESCROW payment option.

3) Seller ships the merchandise as agreed.

4) The Buyer has 14 days to accept the merchandise, as well as reject it or inform the payment operator about the misdelivery of the goods.

5) If the merchandise has been accepted by the Buyer, the payment is being released to the Seller’s Skrill account.

secure wholesale deal

What about the fees? Well, according to the information provided by Skrill, the fee for this ESCROW payment is being paid by the Buyer. The amount to pay is 1% of the agreed price, but it has to be at least EUR 2.

If You would like to find out more about this payment option, just click this link.