Wholesale shoes clearance stock for sale

One of the wholesalers registered at Merkandi, has listed an offer on wholesale shoes bulk sale. The stock consists of many different shoes, and the total available amount is 14000 pairs.

The best option for the wholesaler, is to sell the whole clearance stock of this footwear to one, volume buyer. However, he is also opened to any negotiations in this point. The only condition is to declare an order of at least 400 pairs of these shoes.

wholesale footwear

According to the wholesaler’s estimation, 90% of this clearance stock are wholesale shoes for women, and the rest are men’s shoes. Just mind, that some of them are packed in bulk boxes, and that is why they are B-grade products.

There is an option of inspecting the stock, and the wholesaler says, that it is a must for any potential buyer. If You would like to contact him, or view some more pictures of this clearance stock, just go to this offer at Merkandi: link