Skiing products wholesale clearance

One of the wholesalers from Poland is offering a wholesale clearance deal on skiing and snowboarding products. In other words, buyers get an opportunity to purchase some winter merchandise in summer, for heavily reduced bargain prices.

There are few different clearance lines available to buy, and because of that, the minimal order quantitiy varies. Depending on the product, You will need to order at least 60 to 300 pieces of the certain product, to complete the deal with the wholesaler.

skiing products wholesale stock

The picture from above shows some of the goggles available for sale. The remaining part of this wholesale clearance deal includes snowboard helmets, more goggles, and some winter sunglasses. The total available amount of products is ca. 15.000 pieces.

If this wholesale clearance deal might be something of Your interests, then You might want to visit the website from below. There You will find some more pictures of this stock, as well as detailed terms and conditions of the orders. The website: link