French books and DVDs liquidation stock for sale

There are not too many offers on wholesale books at Merkandi, but we think that there are some volume buyers of this type of items too. That is why, today we would like to notify You about a liquidation stock deal, which includes not only the books, but also some dvd records.

Dianne Brill wholesale perfumes for sale

Wholesale perfumes by Dianne Brill is the offer, which we would like to present for You today. The deal has been listed by one of the Portuguese wholesalers, and all of these wholesale fragrances are available in his warehouse.

Converse t-shirts for women stock lot

This time we would like to present You an offer on very popular wholesale clothing. A wholesaler from Merkandi has 3000 pieces of Converse t-shirts for sale, a brand which is very popular among the consumers.

LG refurbished wholesale tv sets

Today we would like to write a few words about LG refurbished wholesale tv sets deal, which has been listed by one of the wholesalers at Merkandi. The stock includes 126 tv sets by LG, which are available to buy from a Polish warehouse of this dealer.

Wholesale shoes clearance stock for sale

One of the wholesalers registered at Merkandi, has listed an offer on wholesale shoes bulk sale. The stock consists of many different shoes, and the total available amount is 14000 pairs.

Adidas sports’ clothes wholesale lot

Adidas is definitely one of the leading brands in sportswear industry. Many professional athletes are using the equipment of this brand, and are wearing their sports clothes. This also is one of many reasons for the popularity of this brand among the consumers.

Alberto Heresa wholesale shoes for men

Alberto Heresa wholesale shoes’ offer has just been introduced at Merkandi by one of the wholesalers. The deal includes men’s leather shoes only.

Liquidation stock of branded wholesale clothes

One of Merkandi users from Netherlands has introduced a liquidation stock of branded wholesale clothing for sale. The parcel includes over 1000 pieces of clothes of very popular brands.

Diesel wholesale jeans surplus stock

Diesel clothes surplus stock has been listed for sale by one of the Greek wholesalers registered at Merkandi. The stock consists of unworn Diesel wholesale jeans from 2014 season.

Samsung new tv sets wholesale lot

Today we would like to notify You about Samsung wholesale tv sets offer, listed by one of the UK wholesalers. The stock includes Samsung 500 tvs total.