Men’s wholesale jackets of designer brands

Offer of wholesale jackets for men has been listed by one of the Scandinavian wholesalers at Merkandi. This, however, is not a typical deal on wholesale apparel, as none of the brands available within the transaction can be descirbed as a casual one.

According to the wholesaler, this stock lot includes only designer wholesale jackets for men. Since this is not an usual deal on clothing, You might be interested in obtaining some of this stock.

wholesale jackets

The wholesaler mentioned the following brands: Dolce&Gabbana (D&G), Pierre Balmain, Versace, GF Ferre, Galliano and Karl Lagerfeld. The list is quite impressive. Of course, all of these wholesale jackets are available for immediate purchase. This is not an offer from a dropshipper, the wholesaler is offering only those goods, which he has available in his warehouse.

This stock lot includes 225 pieces of clothes total. What’s very interesting here, the minimal order quantity is quite low. To make a deal with the wholesaler, a buyer has to order at least 5 of the available jackets.

For further information concerning this stock lot, please get in touch with the wholesaler directly. The offer: wholesale jackets