Graded wholesale white goods and multimedia for sale

One of the wholesalers has introduced a clearance stock of wholesale appliances and consumer electronics for sale. The deal includes over 200 appliances and devices total.

First of all, You need to know that all of these products are B-graded refurbs. This means, that they are all fully operational, but might have some flaws, like minor scratches or pressure marks.

graded wholesale white goods

The wholesaler mentioned three famous brands of wholesale white goods and consumer electronics, which are available within this deal. They are Samsung, Panasonic and LG appliances and devices, and these are the commonly known brands. There are 208 products total available to buy, and the minimum to spend on these products is EUR 10.000. Below this price, the wholesaler will reject the order.

If You need some more information about this clearance stock, just contact the wholesaler directly, and ask about it: the offer.