French books and DVDs liquidation stock for sale

There are not too many offers on wholesale books at Merkandi, but we think that there are some volume buyers of this type of items too. That is why, today we would like to notify You about a liquidation stock deal, which includes not only the books, but also some dvd records.

This offer has been listed by one of the wholesalers and liquidators from Czech Republic. According to the offer, this liquidation stock consists of 5000 products total, with a majority of wholesale books.

wholesale books liquidation stock

Besides the books, there are some DVDs too. Just mind, that all of these products are in French, so the offer will probably be the most interesting for those buyers, who are present on a French market. As stated in the offer, the RRP of these goods are between EUR 5 and EUR 50 per item.

All of the available items are new, and packed in original retail packages. If You are searching for some wholesale books and DVDs in French, then please view some more information about this offer at Merkandi website: liquidation stock