Dolce & Gabbana wholesale clothing clearance sale

Among the designer brands, Dolce & Gabbana is one of the most prestigious ones. Because of that, many of the high street retailers are seriously interested in purchasing stock lots and clearance stocks of these garments, because they do know, that they will have no problems with selling them. That is one of the reasons for featuring Dolce & Gabbana offer in today’s posting.

dolce & gabbana wholesale clothes

The picture from above shows some part of the Dolce & Gabbana clothing, which is available to buy from one of the European distributors. According to his offer listed at Merkandi, he is an official distributor of this designer brand for over 10 years, and has many exclusive D&G items for sale.

This particular offer is rather an announcement about a clearance sale of Dolce & Gabbana wholesale clothing. The prices have been heavily reduced, so at least some of these clothes and fashion accessories are now available for a fracture of RRP. The wholesale clearance deal includes men’s and ladies’ garments, so even if a certain retailer is interested in apparel only for women, or only for men, he or she will also be able to purchase some stock for lower price.

The wholesaler did not mention the minimal order quantity, or the minimum to spent, therefore the best option for You will be to get in touch with him directly, and ask about the deal. The final important thing about the wholesaler, is the fact that he is also selling other wholesale designer clothes. If You would like to find out which brands he currently helds, please view the offer at Merkandi website: Dolce & Gabbana clearance sale.

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