Converse t-shirts for women stock lot

This time we would like to present You an offer on very popular wholesale clothing. A wholesaler from Merkandi has 3000 pieces of Converse t-shirts for sale, a brand which is very popular among the consumers.

The stock lot consists of t-shirts for women only. According to the offer, there are 2 models of t-shirts at stock, with a total number of 4 different colour versions. A photo of one of these t-shirts can be found below.

wholesale converse clothing

Of course, the rest of the pictures uploaded by the wholesaler can be found at Merkandi website. The minimal order quantity for these Converse clothes is quite low (30 pieces), so this offer is addressed not only to the volume buyers.

If You would like to find out more about this stock, and the terms of the deal, then please do not hesitate to contact the wholesaler at Merkandi. The offer: click here